Powered by Neutaro

THe layer 1 data network

Crosschain with eth ($NTMPI)

Fully interchangeable token through gravity bridge


Timpi is powered by a dual crosschain token

fully interoperable

How to buy the Timpi token

Timpi operates across both Ethereum ($NTMPI) and our proprietary Layer 1 blockchain, Neutaro. Utilizing our Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol, users can effortlessly transition between the two networks using the gravity bridge.

For acquiring the Ethereum representation, navigate to Bitmart and obtain the $NTMPI token. To procure the native Neutaro token, head to the Oraichain Dex.

OraiDEX is an IBC and CosmWasm-based decentralized exchange platform with multichain interoperability, optimal speed, and a lot of liquidity options

The most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform which provides real-time trading services, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Timpi!

The Gravity Bridge is crafted to channel liquidity from the Ethereum ecosystem into the Cosmos ecosystem, upon which the Timpi Neutaro chain is constructed. This is achieved through a straightforward, trustless, and interoperable design.

Staking Timpi

Stake from 19th Feb 2024

Token holders are granted the remarkable opportunity to engage in staking activities on our partner exchanges or directly with Neutaro validators, presenting a versatile avenue for participation in the Timpi ecosystem.

Earn over 110% APY with Dual Rewards


Earn 17% APY + Commissions + one off price point bonus


Timpi Tokenomics

At the heart of Timpi’s lies a unique token that not only acts as a medium of exchange but also serves a crucial role in the functioning of the entire ecosystem.