The central hub of our ecosystem

Timpi Dashboard stands as the vibrant nucleus of our ecosystem.

It serves as the epicenter, seamlessly integrating the rich functionalities from our index and blockchain, offering a comprehensive platform for both developers and users alike.

As the beating heart of our ecosystem, Timpi Dashboard heralds a new era of connectivity, where possibilities are as boundless as the imagination.

Showcase your online presence

Consolidate your entire online presence into one convenient location. Showcase your business or personal interests, access a variety of pre-built applications for sharing information, or create your own from scratch.

App Development

Developers can build applications that integrate into our ecosystem. They can then effortlessly share their applications for all users to access and integrate into their dashboards. For users, this means a rich marketplace brimming with tailored solutions, enhancing their digital experiences and fostering a thriving eco-system.

Ad revenue share

A portion of the revenue generated from advertisements on the dashboards is distributed back to users who have purchased an NFT domain, incentivizing their active participation within the ecosystem. This symbiotic relationship ensures that dashboard owners benefit from the monetization opportunities afforded by Timpi's platform, fostering a dynamic and sustainable digital environment.

Your dashboard

Customization options, enables users to tailor the digital spaces according to their unique branding and interests. From the layout to the color scheme, users have full control over every aspect of their dashboard's appearance. Whether showcasing their personal brand or highlighting their interests, users can curate content that reflects their identity and resonates with their audience.

Influencer example

Influencers are leveraging the dashboard as a centralized hub to showcase their complete online presence, including their discussions and community interests, while integrated Wilson AI enables users to engage with their favorite influencers, ask questions, and contribute to their support through generated ad revenue.

App examples:

Trading charts
Wilson AI
DepIN Node status

Get your Domain NFT

Mint a premium domain

Secure a premium domain now before they run out. Mint your preferred name and unlock numerous premium features, including the opportunity to earn a share in ad revenue.

See what's for sale on the market

Explore the offerings of the domains secondary NFT market, where domains can be traded across multiple NFT marketplaces.

Register a free domain

Complimentary domains feature an automatically generated URL, foregoing personalized names and ad revenue opportunities, yet still enabling publishing capabilities.