Complete access to the world's information

Timpi is revolutionizing how we search and organize all information on the web. We are the world’s first completely decentralized search engine with its own index.  

We deliver full access to uncensored and unbiased information. Our index is governed and powered by our verified users at scale, made possible through our proprietary blockchain technology. Our technology enables us to fully protect our user’s data and privacy without compromising on user experience and search result quality.

Timpi's proprietary web search index is the world's first completely independent and decentralized search index. It is designed to integrate blockchain technology within the framework of traditional global commerce while being autonomously governed and globally scalable.

Unlock The World's Information

Timpi’s independent index is the key to unlocking the world’s information. Timpi’s capacity to collate and maintain an independent web index on a decentralized network is an unparalleled competitive advantage. 

Services Powered By You

With the world’s information indexed, Timpi is launching a diverse portfolio of innovative Web2 and Web3 services. The first to market is Timpi Search. 


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A search engine that delivers the truth. Timpi is reclaiming the way we search — more open, ethical and free from corporate agendas.

Search Results Without Bias

Timpi delivers search results that empower you with unbiased and credible information. No more corporate agendas. No more bias. Simply ‘Know More’ with Timpi. 

Uncensored Search Results

Timpi search results are not skewed or filtered by Big Tech.

Powered & Governed By People

Timpi always delivers search results that reflect the interests and ethics of the community, not tech monopolies. Our nodes our powered and run by our community. 

Protect Your Data & Privacy

Timpi is the safe way to search and browse without risking your personal data. No more monetizing of your info. No more invasive tracking or targeting of your online life.  

Innovative User Experience

Timpi is revolutionizing user search experience with our new search interface. 

New Approach To Ads

Our results are as good as the world’s top search engines but are free of in-line ads and endless scrolling. We are changing the way search is being monetized. 

Our Roadmap

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Timpi Staking and Incentives

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