The worlds first
unbiased search engine

Timpi Search Engine has revolutionized the search experience by becoming the world’s first search engine to provide unbiased results, free from user tracking and manipulation. This groundbreaking approach ensures user privacy and trust, setting it apart from the pervasive data-driven practices of the digital age.

A search engine that delivers the truth.

Timpi is reclaiming the way we search — more open, ethical and free from corporate agendas.

Search Results Without Bias

Timpi delivers search results that empower you with unbiased and credible information. No more corporate agendas. No more bias. Simply ‘Know More’ with Timpi. 

Uncensored Search Results

Timpi search results are not skewed or filtered by Big Tech.

Powered & Governed By People

Timpi always delivers search results that reflect the interests and ethics of the community, not tech monopolies. Our nodes our powered and run by our community. 

Protect Your Data & Privacy

Timpi is the safe way to search and browse without risking your personal data. No more monetizing of your info. No more invasive tracking or targeting of your online life.  

Innovative User Experience

Timpi is revolutionizing user search experience with our new search interface. 

New Approach To Ads

Our results are as good as the world’s top search engines but are free of in-line ads and endless scrolling. We are changing the way search is being monetized. 

Fully integrated with Timpi's decentralized Web-Scale index and a generative AI called Wilson

Integrated Generative AI

Integrated with Timpi’s Groundbreaking Generative AI that offers a personalized experience with unprecedented control, taking your interactions to new heights.

Built on our unbiased Index

With the world’s information indexed, Timpi is launching a diverse portfolio of innovative Web2 and Web3 services. The first to market is Timpi Search. 

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