Designed for You,
Powered by You. 

Timpi is the world’s first completely decentralized search engine with its own index. This new technology will allow us to deliver never seen capabilities in indexing and search. All the while putting you in control and allowing you to earn rewards. 

Timpi Autonomous Protocol (TAP)
Foundation of Decentralization

Timpi’s proprietary and unique decentralized network is a key enabler to our growth. It is also the critical primer for all of Timpi’s competitive advantages.  

Timpi has developed TAP (Timpi Autonomous Protocol). It was built using the Gossip Protocol principles with complex functionalities. TAP allows every member of the network to have an overview of the entire network and to make autonomous decisions to find and use the shortest route to the next hub (GeoCore).   

In addition, the network of GeoCores is self-managing and knows the load and status of each node. This allows the network to load-balance and deploy additional resources if needed. Every communication is secured through military-grade encryption and signature algorithms.  

Collectors -
crawl the web & earn rewards

Collectors are decentralized “workers” that connect to the closest GeoCore via API and perform the crawling operations. They work on any system.

This system is completely invisible and segregated from the front-end search service via the GeoCore. That way, Timpi can ensure that Collector’s security is not compromised when they run our software.

Become a Collector and mine Timpi tokens for the websites that your workers crawl.

All you need is to download our Collector dApp, connect your wallet, and start collecting the web.

GeoCore -
fast & decentralized cyber security

GeoCore Hubs are spread worldwide to ensure all search requests are served fast and accurately. A GeoCore Hub provides users with three key benefits:

Security: The Timpi network is separated from our search users. This makes it impossible for an attacker to compromise our decentralized system. 

Quality: The web server handles and coordinates search requests instantly. The GeoCore determines whether the request can be served from the local cache or sent to the Information Broker, which coordinates the Guardian connections. 

Accuracy: The power of request analysis sets our search results apart — search terms, spelling, word vector analysis, historical behaviour synonym analysis, and lexical synonym analysis are part of our value.

Guardians -
index of the entire internet

The Internet contains more than 1.7 billion websites, with 250,000 new pages created every day. 

To index the entire content of the web, Timpi requires a vast amount of storage. That is why we use Guardians — distributed storage nodes. 

The Guardians distribute the data onto many nodes that are run by the community. Guardians store the data from the Collectors. 

Becoming a Guardian requires meeting a high technical threshold. Once status is achieved, Guardians earn great rewards and even more coveted Timpi tokens.


The Timpi Chain is our own Layer-1 Proof-of-stake blockchain solution. It is being built on the Cosmos network. Timpi Chain will enable us to scale at volume and create an ecosystem of like-minded projects. Projects that have the same goal of providing the world with access to unbiased information. 

Some of the Key Timpi Chain modules include Governance, staking, NFTs and Minting.