Building the future
of web3 information

Timpi, a technology pioneer set to disrupt the status quo through Decentralization, Web3 and AI. Our mission is to democratize the world’s information ensuring a fair and open digital future for all.

Laying Foundations

Timpi emerged in 2021. More than a search engine, Timpi is a commitment to providing a platform where information is unbiased, user privacy is paramount, and the power of search is returned to the hands of the people.

Connecting with Users

 Timpi’s strategy evolves from establishing a foundation to fostering widespread awareness. The emphasis remains on search engine growth and retention (B2C) while we embed additional index driven services

No.1 for Trusted Data

Timpi sets its sights on a monumental goal: becoming the world’s No. 1 provider for unbiased data. With a targeted search engine user base of 84 million and a projected market share of 0.061%.

Phase 1
Laying Foundations

From the onset, the vision for Timpi was clear and expansive: it was not merely to create another search engine, but to revolutionize the way we access and interact with information on the internet. Joerg and Gareth, understood that at the heart of any meaningful search engine lies its web index—a vast, constantly updated repository of the internet’s content which was the bedrock of their mission.


They envisioned an independent, scalable, and community-governed web index, different from the monolithic and opaque indices controlled by search giants. It was designed to be a profound departure from the status quo, placing power and control back into the hands of the community it serves.

Scope of work

Launching the worlds first unbiased search engine into public beta. Free from manipulation with advanced navigation and security.

In a world dominated by centralized structures, Timpi introduces its Decentralized Network—a digital tapestry woven with principles of transparency, control, and collective governance. It’s more than just a system; it’s a rebellion against centralization, bestowing power back to the community’s hands.

Timpi’s Collector emerges as the gatekeeper of information, diligently scouring the vast realms of the web to curate and channelize data. Not just a gatherer, the Collector ensures that Timpi’s search capabilities remain always informed, always updated.

Standing sentinel to Timpi’s ideals, the Guardian embodies vigilance. Its purpose is clear: safeguard the sanctity of the collected information, ensuring that data remains uncorrupted, untainted, and true to its original form.

Emerging from the philosophical foundations of the Gossip Protocol, TAP orchestrates the sublime dance between the GeoCore, Collector, and Guardian nodes. Continuously whispering tales of workload, latency, and inter-node distances, it masterfully ensures dynamic resource allocation, always striving for a harmonious system equilibrium.

With the unveiling of Timpi’s conversational AI, ‘Wilson,’ in June 2023, the team set new standards in user interactions, ensuring that queries are met not just with data, but with understanding and contextual intelligence, making search more intuitive and human.

The launch of Neutaro in July 2023, an ethically constructed independent Layer 1 blockchain was not just a technological leap; it was a declaration of impartiality. It solidified Timpi’s commitment to keeping the index, and thus the search results, untainted by external pressures and in perfect alignment with the community’s values and interests.

Aug 2023 marked a watershed moment with the release of Access NFTs for collectors, allowing participants to not just contribute to but directly benefit from Timpi’s expansive network. These NFTs, more than mere digital assets, are keys to a deeper engagement with the platform—enabling collectors to earn $NTIMPI tokens, an economic stake in the network they help to sustain. 

Phase 2
Connecting with Users

As the curtains rise for Timpi’s customer beta launch, the world is introduced to more than a user interface—it meets a novel social contract. In this pivotal year, collectors [and Guardians] are no mere users; they are curators of the digital realm, compensated in $NTIMPI for their contributions to an honest, boundless library of human knowledge.

In a significant leap forward, Timpi is transitioning into a new era marked by its unwavering commitment to user growth and the enhancement of its index-driven services. At the forefront of this transformation are its two innovative pillars: the search engine and the generative AI named Wilson.


Scope of work

Timpi’s network isn’t just expansive—it’s organic, always reaching out, always evolving, always operating autonomously to ensure growth is aligned with demand . It’s a testament to the platform’s adaptability and the unwavering commitment of the community, ensuring that Timpi remains ever-relevant in the digital age.

Timpi will focus its resources on user growth and adoption of our services.

In the sprawling digital bazaar, Timpi stands as a magnet, drawing users with its promise of privacy, relevance, and transparency. Each user isn’t just a statistic—they’re testament to Timpi’s resonance in the B2C landscape, every addition a chapter in our ever-growing story.

Expanding beyond mere placements, Timpi’s Ad Network envisions a realm where promotions meet purpose. It’s an ecosystem ensuring that advertisers find value and users find relevance, maintaining a balance between commercial intent and user experience. User will now be able to place adverts on their webpages and earn income.

These aren’t mere add-ons; they’re specialized agents—meticulously crafted to empower, protect, and elevate your browsing experience.

Extensions we are investigating:

  • Search Extension
  • Wilson Extension
  • Node Runner Statistics for Contributor Network.

Each of Timpi’s Customised Landing Pages is a digital artwork, tailored to resonate and reflect. It’s not just a page—it’s a personalized universe, ensuring that every brand, influencer, or initiative finds a digital home that resonates with their ethos, amplifying their digital voice.

Timpi infuses playfulness into purpose with its Gamification. Not merely points and badges, it’s a journey of engagement and reward. It’s our ode to the spirit of play, ensuring that every interaction is not just meaningful but joyously memorable. 

Timpi’s Data API is the conduit that enables seamless integration to our index. It’s more than connectivity; it’s about harmonious digital collaboration. Research organizations and applications developers can directly connect to our index in a real time and structured way providing access that they have never had before.

In Timpi’s Email and Messenger Service, communication transcends. It’s more than messages—it’s about ensuring encrypted, private, and seamless conversations. In a world of digital noise, Timpi promises a sanctuary of meaningful and secure exchanges.

With the introduction of Web3 Product Search, Timpi ventures into the new-age digital frontier. It’s not just a search; it’s a quest into the decentralized universe, ensuring users find relevance in the vast expanse of blockchain-based products and services.

Beyond mere commercial spots, Timpi’s Ad Placements are curated engagements. They ensure that every promotion resonates with relevance, upholding the platform’s commitment to delivering meaningful and valuable user experiences.

Phase 3
No.1 For Trusted Data

In this decisive phase, Timpi sets its sights on a monumental goal: becoming the world’s No. 1 provider for unbiased data. With a targeted search engine user base of 84 million and a projected market share of 0.061%.

Timpi aims to become not just a repository of information, but the central and trusted nexus for AI developers seeking unbiased data. In this new world, Timpi is more than a service; it is the beating heart of a web3 technology ecosystem, a collaborative hub where innovators and service providers unite to build the future.

Scope of work

Navigating the progressive realms of Web 3.0, Timpi’s Web 3 Data Exchange serves as a crucible for decentralized information sharing. Beyond mere data transfer, it is a commitment to fostering a digital world where information flows freely yet securely, championing the principles of true decentralized innovation.


Data providers will be able to place there data onto the exchange and trade it through the use of NFT’s

Developers and researchers have a central place to find the data they need not just from the Timpi index but also from external and global resources.

As the world shifts towards decentralized financial models, Timpi presents its Web 3 Payment Gateway—a beacon for secure, swift, and seamless transactions in the digital realm. This isn’t just a transactional tool; it’s the nexus where trust meets technology, heralding a new era of digital commerce.

Timpi seeks to deepen its roots in the B2B sphere. This move isn’t just growth; it’s a symbiotic invitation, fostering partnerships and collaborations, ensuring businesses evolve, adapt, and thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Timpi remains committed to catalyzing widespread user adoption. Beyond mere numbers, this signifies a collective awakening—a movement where individuals globally embrace Timpi’s vision, shaping the contours of the digital future together.

Far more than a repository, this hub dynamically converges myriad data streams, serving as the cerebral nexus that powers Timpi’s unparalleled insights and innovative solutions.

Timpi’s Browser emerges as the shielded gateway to the digital universe. Crafted with a dedication to privacy, it ensures that every journey into the web is safe, seamless, and free from prying eyes. Additional functionality will provide specific utility to the Timpi network and services. 

Timpi introduces more Network Powered Services—holistic solutions that draw from the collective strength of its vast network. These are not mere services; they’re manifestations of collective intelligence, ensuring every user enjoys optimized, personalized, and dynamic digital experiences.