Access the worlds largest data set and boost your business with data from over 5 Billion web pages

We use a DePIN network spanning 6 continents to scour the internet for data to provide unprecedented analytical capabilities. Check out the multiple ways this data can help your business.

Access data at a fraction of cost

Multiple ways to access and integrate our data at significantly less cost to competitors

API Library

Integrate directly using our extensive set of REST API calls

Data Marketplace

Freely access multiple data sets from our index and other third parties (COMING SOON)

Global Data Collection
Powered by our DePIN Network

We collect a huge array of data used across all industries, from the development of LLMs to holistic market analysis.


Industry Use Cases

LLM Training Data

Providing expansive datasets for training large language models.

Market Research

Analyzing trends, consumer behavior, and market demand.


Optimizing product offerings, pricing strategies, and competitor analysis.

Travel and Tourism

Analyzing travel patterns, popular destinations, and customer preferences.

Real Estate

Monitoring property prices, market demand, and investment opportunities.

Ad & Marketing

Targeting specific demographics, analyzing ad performance, and competitor analysis.


Researching educational trends, course popularity, and student preferences.

Media & Entertainment

Tracking content consumption trends, audience preferences, and competitor analysis.


Monitoring tech trends, analyzing user behavior, and competitor analysis.

How can the data help me?

Giving you the power of data

Our data is used to develop applications and inform businesses

Competitive Intel

Helps businesses track competitors' activities, analyze their strategies, and adjust their own plans to maintain a competitive edge.

Training AI

Utilize vast data sets to train your AI models with diverse and comprehensive web-sourced information, enhancing accuracy and performance.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand customer opinions and improve products/services.

Trend Analysis

Provides insights into market trends, enabling companies to innovate and align their product offerings with current market demands.

Brand Monitoring

Allows companies to quickly address negative publicity and engage with customers proactively.

Business Intelligence

Enables dynamic pricing strategies, competitive analysis, and inventory management based on near real-time data.

Sales and Marketing

Enables marketing teams to analyze campaign performance, understand customer reactions, and optimize future campaigns based on structured insights.

Content Aggregation

Enhances user engagement by offering diverse content in a single platform.