What We Do?




We provide access to structured data of the whole internet. Boost your business with data from over 5 billion websites, unlock the full data potential of the world wide web.

We use a DePIN network spanning across 6 continents to scour the internet for data and structure to provide unprecedented analytical capabilities.

Sentiment analysis

Understand the public‘s feelings towards brands. Our unparalleled dataset will enable you to fully grasp and analyze public online perception. We provide sentiment data for all indexed websites, allowing you to evaluate, benchmark and plan your outreach activities.

Cybersecurity rating

Our team of seasoned cybersecurity veterans has created a synthetic rating, evaluating how susceptible a website is to hacker attacks. Whether looking for opportunities to safeguard your network or market cybersecurity software, the Timpi cybersecurity index is the way to go.

Data analysis

Apart from the above mentioned specific use-cases our index provides general web data access capabilities. Explore the most accessible set of internet data, perfect to train LLMs or creating other data use-cases. Our index contains a wide range of data allowing for an unprecedented range of use-cases.

Discover how Timpi's data can transform your business

Where Timpi‘s datasets can provide value

LLM Training Data

Providing expansive datasets for training large language models.

Market Research

Analyzing trends, consumer behavior, and market demand.


Optimizing product offerings, pricing strategies, and competitor analysis.

Travel and Tourism

Analyzing travel patterns, popular destinations, and customer preferences.

Real Estate

Monitoring property prices, market demand, and investment opportunities.

Advertising & Marketing

Targeting specific demographics, analyzing ad performance, and competitor analysis.


Researching educational trends, course popularity, and student preferences.

Media & Entertainment

Tracking content consumption trends, audience preferences, and competitor analysis.


Monitoring tech trends, analyzing user behavior, and competitor analysis.