Democratizing Data Timpi's Web Scale Index

Timpi proudly stands at the forefront of innovation with our groundbreaking Web Search Index – a beacon of data independence and decentralization. Joining the ranks of only five other Web Indexes: Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Brave, Timpi’s Index is the key to democratizing the world’s information

Timpi’s groundbreaking decentrlaised Index is built upon an intricate network of nodes (Collector, Guardian, Geo-Core, Synaptron), run by our community. Node ownership and contribution to our network are incentivized with rewards and regulated through Access NFTs.

Powering the seamless operation of GeoCore, Collector, and Guardian nodes, we’ve created Timpi’s Autonomous Protocol (TAP). This proprietary communication and system-balancing protocol maintains the equilibrium of our network, ensuring efficiency and resilience.

Discover the pillars of our Decentralized Index:

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Collector Node

Our Collectors are decentralized “workers” crawling the web collecting information about websites and their pages. This system remains invisible and detached from the front-end search service, safeguarding the security of our Collectors. 

Earn $NTMPI Timpi tokens as a Collector for the websites crawled by your workers. Download our Collector dApp, connect your wallet, and start weaving the web of information. 

All communications are fortified with TLS1.3 security, and every piece of collected data is meticulously anonymized, underlining our unwavering commitment to user privacy and data protection.

With the colossal magnitude of the internet, Timpi utilizes Guardians — distributed storage nodes for archiving the web. Guardians disseminate the data onto multiple community-run nodes. 

Becoming a Guardian demands high technical proficiency, but in return, Guardians reap generous rewards and even more precious $NTMPI Timpi tokens. 

A Guardian doesn’t even need a static IP address or open any ports to the internet.​

Guardians are designed with secure storage protocols, utilizing end-to-end encryption methods to ensure data privacy and security.

Guardian Node

Geo-Core Node

Strategically located across the globe, GeoCore Hubs offer swift and precise search requests. GeoCore Hubs provide users with a triple advantage: 

Security: With Timpi’s network separated from our search users, potential attackers cannot compromise our decentralized system. 

Quality: Instant handling of search requests through our web server and GeoCore. 

Accuracy: Request analysis is our unique strength, including search terms, spelling, word vector analysis, historical behavior synonym analysis, and lexical synonym analysis. 

At the forefront of AI advancement stands the network node known as Synaptron

This revolutionary node’s architecture is finely tuned to facilitate rapid information exchange, enabling AI models to learn, adapt, and generate responses with remarkable agility.

This network node operates as a beacon of collaborative intelligence, seamlessly integrating with other nodes to collectively shape Timpi’s AI capabilities.

Synaptron Node


TAP, built upon Gossip Protocol principles, addresses challenges like latency, availability, and integrity inherent to decentralized networks. Its design gives each member a panoramic view of the entire network, enabling autonomous decisions to pinpoint and use the fastest route to the adjacent GeoCore.

Not just efficient, TAP is secure. Every communication is shielded by military-grade encryption and signature algorithms, cementing our dedication to safety.

Timpi’s resilience is unmatched. Even if up to 75% of all regional nodes fail, TAP’s architecture ensures minimal service impact. It achieves this by seamlessly shifting nodes from the nearest region to replace any failed ones, ensuring continuity without a hiccup.

At Timpi’s heart are Access NFTs, an innovative mechanism fueling our decentralized network and empowering our users. Access NFTs provide unique digital certificates that grant specific permissions or access rights to nodes within our network.

The Access NFT’s validates a user’s contribution and participation in the Timpi network, allowing for role-based access and benefits.

Encoded with cutting-edge cryptographic measures, ensuring their authenticity cannot be compromised.

Access NFT's