Timpi Node Access NFT's

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Become part of the Timpi revolution and use your access NFT to run a node on our infrastructure that powers our unbiased index.

Founders Limited Edition
Now Available

Hero Node

Be part of our growing network and earn rewards for your computing power. Simply purchase the NFT, download the app and start earning rewards.

Only 500 Founders Ed. will ever be minted

Only 250 Founders Ed. will ever be minted

Only 250 Founders Ed. will ever be minted

Only 50 Founders Ed.   will ever be minted

Champion Node

Embrace the role of a genuine Champion within the collector network, offering your computing power selflessly, without wanting rewards. Your altruistic commitment reflects your genuine concern for the significance of global data freedom.

However, if you do wish to utilize your compute power for mining $NTMPI, explore the Hero node NFTs for exciting opportunities.

Exploring the Neutaro blockchain, creating a new ethical standard for Web3

Built on the Cosmos SDK

Neutaro leverages the powerful Cosmos Layer 0 protocol, becoming part of a well-established and globally-tested ecosystem.

This ecosystem is designed to facilitate fast and seamless transactions with strong interoperability.

At the same time, Neutaro embraces a robust governance framework, ensuring that our decentralization goes beyond mere transactions, empowering people to have a significant influence on how we operate and make decisions.

Values, Transparency, Innovation

Neutaro is building a comprehensive ecosystem of standards specifically tailored for blockchain technology. Through collaboration, research, and industry expertise, they are developing a holistic framework that encompasses technical, governance, and ethical aspects of blockchain implementation.

Transparency is the foundation of trust in the blockchain world, Neutaro are committed to upholding that principle. Throughout the ecosystem, they emphasize transparency in the development, implementation, and governance of blockchain standards. Neutaro believe in open collaboration, where the collective wisdom of industry experts and stakeholders contributes to the continuous improvement of our framework.

Join Neutaro on this transformative journey as they pioneer ethical standards, values, and transparency in blockchain technology. Together, you can shape a future where blockchain is synonymous with trust, integrity, and responsible innovation.

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