Timpi Staking and Incentives

Earn over 110% APY, dual rewards

Staking on OraiDex is easy, instructions on how to stake NTMPI/USDC will come out after launch. In the mean time you can view this video that shows the mechanism of how to stake on OraiDex. Note that this is just a demo video, you will need an NTMPI/USDC matching pair not the pairs shown in the video.

You will get rewarded in both NTMPI and ORAIX Tokens as part of your staking!

Be aware of the risks involved in staking liquidity and DYOR. Including impermanent loss, a good article to read on impermanent loss is here

APY reward will vary depending on the total size of the pool. It could be more or less then 110%. We will continue to monitor the pool and each month release information on the size of the rewards.

Earn 17% APY + Price point bonus of 10% staked (see below)

Staking to a Neutaro Validator is easy and only requires the NTMPI token. Simply go to the Neutaro blockchain explorer, select the Validator you would like to stake to and then connect your wallet and stake. Details instructions will be released very soon.

Additionally when staking to a Neutaro Validator you get the Price Point Milestone bonus should the token reach that milestone during the period that you have staked.

When staking, note the 90 days unbonding time. (Governance proposal to change this to 21 days is being submitted)

The price point milestones will be announced during our APEX events and will reward Neutaro node staker’s with a one off 10% bonus of their staked amount if the token price reaches the milestone.

  • 10% Bonus on the staked amount on a Neutaro Validator.
  • You will receive this bonus as a one off bonus in addition to the standard APY when staking to a Neutaro node
  • The first price point milestone will be announced during the APEX 1 Event which starts 15th March.
  • Snap shot will be taken of Validators  at 5 days from price point milestone announcement.
  • If the price point is reached prior to the 5 days then only those who have staked in time or before the milestone announcement will get the bonus
  • When staking, note the 90 days unbonding time. (Governance proposal to change this to 21 days is being submitted)
  • Price of token must stay above the target for at least 7 days for bonus to be issued.

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