Launching on OraiDex 19th Feb

We hope this message finds you well and that you are as excited as we are about the upcoming Token Distribution Event (TDE).  

Behind the scenes, the Timpi team has been hard at work, forging exciting new partnerships, launching Air Drops, and spreading Timpi’s message through Spaces and influencers. As we gear up for our Apex Event in March, we can’t help but feel the energy and anticipation building! 

I say this time and time again but its a very important message – every decision and action we’ve taken has been with the best interests of Timpi and its incredible community in mind, both now and for the future. 

With that said, I have some new and exciting news to share. 

We’ve been finalizing an amazing new partnership with OraiDex,  that comes with fantastic rewards and benefits for our community. We believe these benefits are so significant that we’re making an adjustment to our Token launch strategy to fully capitalize on this opportunity. 

This means Orai Dex will be the initial TDE exchange, followed slightly later by Bitmart. Whilst we appreciate this is a late pivot we truly believe the benefits justify the change and we need a few extra days to finalize the Dex Liquidity Pool and the joint Timpi/Orai rewards, the Listing Date will be adjusted by 5 days, to the 19th Feb. 

This is a really exciting opportunity for Timpi and its community, even more so that we were able to accelerate a partnership that was planned for later in our roadmap.  

The benefits of launching on Orai Dex ahead of Bitmart include: 

  • Significantly Larger Liquidity Pool: Starting at $100k to reduce slippage. 
  • Amazing Reward Opportunities for Liquidity Providers: Able to earn both Timpi & Oraix.  
  • Open Access to All Community Members: Expanding to new markets 
  • Greater Flexibility at Launch: All token holders will be able to trade directly without bridging to the Ethereum representation and into Bitmart 
  • Orai Collaborative Marketing: With airdrops, joint marketing, and excellent rewards, we’ll be a key player on Orai’s DEX. 

I wanted to highlight that this is just the first of three strategic launch activities, rest assured that shortly after Orai Dex, we’ll continue with our launch on BitMart, followed by our highly anticipated Collector Apex Event where all nodes have already sold out! Then onto an additional Dex (TBA) 

We understand this may come as a surprise, but securing this collaboration earlier than planned is a testament to our agility and ability to pivot with key opportunities in this dynamic industry. 

We appreciate your understanding and continued support and we look forward to seeing you in the Orai Dex on the 19th Feb.  

  • We are launching on OraiDex on 19th Feb as our first exchange bringing huge advantages to our community 
  • We are still launching on Bitmart, but will launch after OraiDex 
  • This gives us a huge run on our launch of events happening over the next 2 months 
  • Launch on OriaDex 
  • Launch on Bitmart 
  • Aoex 1 event 
  • Launch on Additional Dex 
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