Apex 1 – Collector Mining

The Timpi Apex events represent pivotal milestones in our journey toward constructing not only the world’s largest decentralized index but also the most extensive index of the internet globally. All powered by our devoted node runners, driving the mission to provide data freedom to the world.

Each Apex event, lasting for one week, aims to push the boundaries of our decentralized index network. Not only will participating node runners be rewarded, but these events will also feature a plethora of marketing activities and incentives for the entire community, including milestone bonuses.

For each Apex event, the following activities are in the works:

  • Substantial rewards for node runners
  • Announcements of price milestones
  • Exposure through influencers
  • Airdrop campaigns
  • Unveiling of the roadmap and product releases

There are four key Apex events planned for 2024, with dates to be announced. Each event will signify the expansion of our decentralized index:

  • Timpi Apex 1 – Collector Mining
  • Timpi Apex 2 – Guardian Mining
  • Timpi Apex 3 – Geocore Mining
  • Timpi Apex 4 – Synaptron Mining

Timpi Apex event 1 – Collector Mining – 15 March 2024

The inaugural Apex event is scheduled 30 days post-token launch. In this initial Apex event, we are activating the collector nodes to push the limits of our decentralized network’s collector capabilities. We encourage all our node runners to unite and optimize their systems to collectively explore the extent of our data collection potential within a one-week timeframe.

Goal: Achieve a milestone of collecting 5 billion pages.


During our Apex events, both existing node runners and those securing the remaining founders’ allocation will be entitled to a share of 2.9 million Timpi tokens as a special one-week bonus. To qualify for this reward, node runners must be actively operational, maintaining a minimum uptime of 90% throughout the specified period.

Participating Collector Nodes will receive a special Apex bonus of 15,625 $NTMPI. At our introductory price of $0.04, this means a 100% return in just one week. By the time of the Apex event, the $Neutaro/$NTMPI (ETH) token will have been released, and its price will be influenced by the secondary market, possibly exceeding or falling below $0.04.

As part of the inaugural Apex event, we are eager to witness the collective achievements of our node runner community within this one-week timeframe. To participate, ensure you have acquired the NFT and have your node up and running. Limited supply available, so act swiftly to secure your spot.

  • Founders Collector: 91/186 Remaining
  • Founders Geocore: SOLD OUT
  • Founders Guardian: SOLD OUT
  • Founders Synaptron: SOLD OUT

Every node runner will be granted the bonus on top of their daily earnings, and once the bonus is distributed, the regular rewards will persist without interruption. It’s important to note that once all available nodes are sold out, there will be no further nodes accessible until the subsequent batch is released. To secure your spot for the next batch, register here to be notified of the next release.

Apex events for Geocore, Guardian, and Synaptron will be organized as soon as the applications are ready for these nodes to operate. Ensure you are following us on X and telegram to be notified on the release of the next node batch.

For additional information on the Apex events, Visit the Apex events page, link below.

Visit the Apex Events page for more info and to register for future events:


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