The New Beginning: Explore Without Boundaries

This moment not only signifies the official launch of the token and the search engine into public beta but also marks the initiation of Timpi’s mission to bring data freedom to the world. It’s an opportune time for us to rejuvenate our efforts in promoting Timpi with the same enthusiasm that garnered your initial support.


As we step into the new year with renewed energy, we’ve crafted a fresh message for the search engine, aiming to empower users with a sense of renewed freedom as they navigate the internet. Timpi has meticulously planned extensive marketing activities for the upcoming weeks leading to the launch and throughout the year, including the key Apex events that will fuel both awareness and our index growth. These initiatives are designed to sustain excitement, raise awareness about Timpi, and highlight our overarching mission.


As the market gains momentum, Timpi is strategically positioned to emerge as a leader in the bullish trend throughout 2024. The recent approval of the first-ever Bitcoin ETF is set to open the market to traditional investors for the first time, attracting unprecedented attention to blockchain projects that seamlessly blend traditional business practices with blockchain utilization and possess tangible revenue models.


Timpi is solidifying its position by ushering one of the world’s largest markets into a decentralized environment. With the search engine market projected to exceed 425 billion by 2025 and the crypto bull market in full swing, traditional search engines are steadily losing market share to privacy and security-focused alternatives. This presents Timpi with a unique and potentially transformative opportunity of a lifetime.

Our marketing campaign will be spearheaded by the introduction of our new search engine tagline: “Explore without boundaries.” This tagline underscores our distinction as the world’s first and only search engine that refrains from manipulating search results. It extends this commitment to empower users worldwide to navigate internet information securely and knowledgeably.

Here are some of the features we are unveiling, available for testing through our beta program:

  • Unbiased and unmanipulated search results
  • Integrated AI capabilities
  • Advanced domain curation with our keep-list feature
  • Expandable domain information
  • Non-intrusive advertising
  • NSFW Mode for a personalized browsing experience
  • Secure and trusted reviews

For more details on how Timpi Search achieves these advancements and to participate in our beta programme, please visit:

Opting to bypass the secondary public fundraising round in favour of expediting our entry into the secondary market has proven to be a well-timed move by Timpi, aligning perfectly with the ramp-up to the anticipated Bull Market of 2024.

This strategic decision not only frees up the initially allocated funds for the second public raise but also confers significant advantages for our forthcoming launch into the secondary market. With these liberated resources, we are poised to provide robust support to all our backers, ensuring Timpi thrives throughout the 2024 bull run.

In an exciting development, we are delighted to declare that 50% of the tokens will be dedicated to community benefits, as a token of appreciation for your pivotal role in propelling Timpi onto the global stage. The remaining 50% will be allocated toward stimulating demand for the token directly in the secondary market. Here is the comprehensive breakdown:

  • 36M tokens
    1. Community Benefit’s
      • Node Runner Apex Bonus – 2.52 Million Tokens
      • Price point milestone rewards – 6.48 Million Tokens
      • Assigned to grants – 9 Million tokens
    2. Demand Generation
      • Liquidity Pools – 2.16 Million tokens
      • Validator Node Staking Reward Bonus: Proposal – 1.44 Million tokens
      • Air Drops: Proposal – 14.4 Million tokens

Community Benefits:

1a – Node Runner Apex Bonuses – 2.52 Million Tokens


1b – Price Point Bonus – 6.48 Million Tokens

  • At each price milestone event, our community members will receive a 10% bonus based on their initial token purchase.
  • Several bonus tiers corresponding to different price points will be revealed during the APEX events.
  • To qualify for the bonus, You will need to stake to a validator node on Neutaro, a minimum of 80% of the tokens in your wallet up to the specified price target.

1c – Neutaro Grants – 9 Million Tokens

Exclusive grants will be extended solely to our community of wallet holders for the initial 12 months following the Token Distribution Event (TDE).

  • A submission portal will be introduced to facilitate the application process.
  • Priority consideration will be given to projects aligning with the following criteria:
    • Integration with the Neutaro blockchain.
    • Real-world application of our index data.
    • Vision congruent with Timpi’s values of Transparency, Freedom, and Empowerment


Demand Generation:

2a – Liquidity Pools – 2.16 Million Tokens

  • A bonus is earmarked for participants staking in the Osmosis liquidity pools.
  • This bonus allocation will be disbursed over the initial six months of the liquidity pool.

2b – Validator Node Bonus – 1.44 Million Tokens

  • Individuals staking with a validator node on Neutaro will be eligible to receive a portion of the allocation bonus throughout the initial 12 months post-launch.
  • To qualify for this reward, participants can stake with any of the top 120 validator nodes.

2c – Air Drops – 14.4 Million Tokens

  • Four airdrop events are scheduled within the inaugural 12 months of the token launch.
  • The initial airdrop will coincide with the token’s introduction to the secondary market.
  • The remaining allocation will be dispersed during subsequent Apex events.

Timpi is at the forefront of a major web 3 shift in the digital age to redefine how we explore and interact with the information. By committing to unmanipulated search results and user-centric features, Timpi starts on a journey to reshape the search engine industry. The decision to channel resources towards community benefits and demand generation underscores Timpi’s dedication to its users and its vision of data freedom. With an innovative search engine, strategic market positioning, and a community-focused token distribution, we invite everyone to join us in this revolutionary venture. The future of search is here, and it begins with Timpi: Explore without boundaries!. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the internet like never before.

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