Our Journey Continues

We are excited to share some awesome updates and achievements. Our gratitude extends to each of you for your support as we navigate this journey together!

Centralized Exchange listing

We’re thrilled to announce we have selected our Tier 2 Centralized Exchange, which is consistently trading with +2 Billion trading volume. We will announce the partnership once the final contracts are signed. This collaboration will synchronize our marketing efforts with the Exchanges marketing activities, including our first joint AMA session.

Listing date

Additionally, after a careful evaluation, we have adjusted our listing date to the 3rd week of January, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions during the holiday season. Following our CEX stability, we plan to extend our presence to additional CEXs and introduce Neutaro, our tier-1 blockchain, on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for an versatile trading experience.

Direct Listing

In a strategic move, Timpi has opted for a Direct Listing on a Centralized Exchange (CEX), a shift from the Initial DEX Offering (IDO). This decision aims to mitigate sell pressure from quick-gain investors, enhancing market stability on the secondary market. The low market cap presented by this move offers a compelling entry point for new investors, backed by our robust product offerings (more about that later).

Dual Token Approach

We are also introducing our innovative dual token strategy, featuring our Neutaro ($NTMPI) tokens on both Cosmos and Ethereum networks. This is designed to offer versatility and scalability for our token, catering diverse investor needs in 2 major ecosystems. This approach not only broadens our community but also increases liquidity and trading flexibility. A seamless bridge between the two tokens will facilitate quick, and effortless transitions for users.

The Search Engine Beta: A Revolutionary Step

In the near future, our influencer partners will introduce the Timpi Search Engine Beta, showcasing the strength and of our decentralized network, the size of our independent index, and the integration of Wilson into the search itself. Followed by the Influencer launch, our existing Discord community will get their hands on the Beta before we release it as a public beta. The launch of our search engine will be strategically timed with our token launch, demonstrating the synergy between our product, infrastructure, and ecosystem.

The Token Distribution Event (TDE) Schedule

The TDE process will take 28 days and begins just before Christmas – This is a phased approach and includes initial CEX setup processes, wallet and exchange support, final preparations and finally the live launch of $NTMPI along with the allocation of tokens to holders at TDE. 

Existing investors will receive tokens in their Cosmos wallets, while new investors will acquire the Ethereum representation on the CEX. A seamless bridge will simplify token swaps.

Looking Ahead

What else is on the horizon?

  • Bridging Ethereum and Cosmos: Our tech team is gearing up for IBC & Gravity Bridge release.
  • Market Makers: We’re partnering with a leading market maker to support our secondary market entry.
  • Marketing Push: Next Block Expo event December 4-5! Stay tuned for an end-of-year marketing push

Our achievements so far

As we move into the next phase of our journey, it is good to look back and see what we have already achieved:

  • Impressive Global Ranking: Timpi now ranks as the 6th largest publicly available web-scale index.
  • Commitment to Impartiality: Standing as a champion of unbiased search results in an era of bias and censorship.
  • Redefining User Engagement: Pioneering a new way to exploring the internet for an unmatched browsing experience.
  • Wilson AI: We have introduced our own generative AI, called Wilson. Wilson uses our index for a real time access to information.
  • Marketing Awareness: Our post on X/Twitter has reached +2 Million organic views. We have also increased our follower count by + 50% in just a few months. Our beloved community has grown to +15k.
  • Leading the Demand for Data Neutrality: We are at the forefront of addressing the growing awareness and demand for data neutrality and unbiased information access.

As we enter to this new era of Timpi, our team remains steadfastly committed to our mission to democratize the world’s information ensuring a fair and open digital future for all. We want to wholeheartedly thank everyone that has supported us along the way! Stay tuned for more exciting developments and updates. Let’s continue this unforgettable journey together, TIMPLARS!

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