The battle to take back control of peoples ability to access real information on the web.

Timpi is the spark that will ignite the tinder box of revolutionary change from an era of information monopolization to an era of open, democratized, unbiased access to the collective knowledge of humanity, held in trust for all of society, on the world wide web.

The pursuit of an actively maintained web index, in scale with giants like Google and Bing, reflects the magnitude of Timpi’s ambition. However, this is not just ambition for ambition’s sake. It signifies a pivotal effort to provide the world’s first true alternative to the entrenched tech monopolies. It represents a step towards an information ecosystem where privacy is not compromised, where search engines respect users’ rights to privacy and autonomy over their own data.

As for its pursuit of providing LLM datasets to AI innovation companies outside of big tech, this opens a new horizon for progress and innovation. Currently, the monopolization of such datasets presents a significant barrier to the advancement of AI, stifling the innovative potential of many brilliant minds. With Timpi, this barrier can be overcome, leading to a more diverse and vibrant AI landscape, ultimately advancing the field as a whole.

The development of Timpi on a layer one blockchain, acting as a nexus for the crypto industry and a launchpad for web 3.0 integration, is indeed a bold stride. This aligns perfectly with the current trajectory of digital transformation and the increasing overlap between traditional and crypto economies. It harnesses the power of decentralization, providing the crypto industry with a much-needed foothold, thereby bridging the gap between the conventional and the novel.

But above all, Timpi’s underlying commitment is what sets it apart – a commitment to reclaiming society’s right to access unbiased information, to establishing a model for the democratization of AI governance, and to providing the world with a tangible alternative to engage with the web free from corporate monopolies. This vision is both audacious and inspiring, paving the way for a fairer, more equitable digital world.


In conclusion, Timpi’s success will not merely be a victory for its founders but a triumph for all of humanity, marking a significant leap forward in our collective quest for a democratized, unbiased and more equitable internet. The course is set, the vision is clear, and the wheels of change are in motion. As we journey into this exciting new era, one can only anticipate the boundless possibilities that await us

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