AMA with Flux : Timpi Revolutionizing Search with Decentralization and Wilson, the World’s First Decentralized AI

On 14th of July, Timpi’s co-founders Joerg Buss and Gareth Evans provided updates on the ground-breaking journey of Timpi in an exclusive AMA hosted by Flux. From our decentralized index to our brand-new revolutionary AI model, Wilson, Timpi aims to change the landscape of decentralised Data. Let’s dive in!

The Birth of Timpi: Decentralized Search Engine for Unbiased Results

Our founders used this time to remind that the core of Timpi’s innovation lies in its decentralized index, making it one of the only six actively maintained web indexing projects globally, capable of collecting a staggering 300 million records.

A few facts were reminded:

  • Timpi is the world’s first decentralized search engine, offering unbiased and uncensored search results.
  • The core product is Timpi’s decentralized index, currently capable of collecting 300 million records.
  • Timpi sets itself apart with its unique proposition in the search engine space.

Timpi’s Roadmap and Exciting Launch Plans

The discussion moved to Timpi’s roadmap and progress so far. The co-founders revealed that Timpi has been in beta since August of 2022. We have since successfully launched the crawling software, allowing users to participate in the collection of pages for the index. 

Timpi is set to launch the Search into public Beta in August, with an index size building up to be comparable to established search engines like Bing within 12 months.

Wilson: Timpi’s Decentralized Generative AI – An Exclusive AMA Leak

In an exciting revelation, the co-founders announced Wilson for the first time publicly. This ground-breaking news marks the integration of Wilson into Timpi’s offerings, empowering users with a decentralized, community-driven AI model.

Wilson is the world’s first decentralized generative AI. Wilson can be considered as an alternative to chat GPT, but unlike its competitor, it is trained on real-time information from Timpi’s decentralized index, which is community-drive and open-source – providing only unbiased and reliable results.

A quick note:

  • The announcement of Wilson marks a significant step for Timpi, offering users a unique decentralized AI experience.
  • Wilson is the first decentralized generative AI, trained on real-time information from Timpi’s decentralized index.
  • Wilson is decentralized, scalable, and community-driven, offering unbiased and reliable results.


From its decentralized index to the revolutionary Wilson AI model, Timpi’s dedication to unbiased and uncensored search results remains unmatched. As we are still building more features for our community, we invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming public launch in August – be ready to experience the future of decentralized search!

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