You purchased some $TIMPI on the Kadena Blockchain and wonder what happens next now Timpi has its own chain? You are at the right place! 

First of all, Kadena $TIMPI tokens won’t be distributed prior to our TGE on 14th of September.  

At TGE the Timpi Chain Tokens will be released – only Timpi Chain Tokens, not Timpi Kadena Tokens. 

– Ok but how do I receive my tokens? 

You will be able to swap your Kadena allocation onto Timpi Chain at TGE through a dApp we will be providing at that time. It will be a very simple process. 

– But will you launch on Kadena eventually? 

We are still planning to release a token onto Kadena as Timpi is fundamentally multi-chain. The release of the Kadena tokens is dependent on the IBC bridge being in place. We do not know when this will be yet, but do not expect it before TGE.  

– Apart from your dApp, what will I need to receive my tokens? 

As the Timpi chain is built on top of Cosmos, you will need a Cosmos and Timpi compatible wallet. We advise Keplr. By the time our token is released, Timpi will be in the list of chains. 

If you need help setting up a Keplr wallet, we advise you to have a look at this guide.

Author: MattTimpi

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