Timpi becomes a partner in the Cosmos Interchain Builders Program

We are excited to announce that Timpi has been accepted to be part of the Cosmos Interchain Builders program!

What is the Cosmos Interchain Builders Program?

The Cosmos Interchain Builders Program is a mentorship program that provides structured support and access to a wide network of partners. The program offers participants the opportunity to receive guidance from the Cosmos team, as well as other mentors in the space. The goal of the program is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

The program is “made by builders for builders, linking together [our] team of entrepreneurs, software engineers and designers with years of experience in building and launching chains”.

What services does the program offer?

The Program helps teams navigate the ecosystem by giving access to Cosmos’ large network and wide range of services. They support projects with:

– Incorporation and Fundraising Support

– Marketing and GTM Strategy

– Tokenomics & Token Distribution

– Network Bootstrapping (Validator Nodes)

– Engineering, Product and UX Development

– Community & Governance

– Access to investors and infrastructure partners

How does this partnership benefit Timpi?

Being part of the program will benefit Timpi in two main ways. Firsly, we will receive technical support to progress the project. Secondly, it will enable us to make connections and build relationships.

The technical support ensures that our blockchain follows Cosmos’ best practices. Also, through this program we have access to vetted auditors to ensure it is secure. Further, when we launch, we will need validator nodes (as Cosmos is Proof of Stake) to run our blockchain. Priority to run validator nodes for the TimpiChain will be given to our community. But we will also have validators within the Cosmos ecosystem available should we need it. Even mature projects like Timpi canutilize the validator network that’s already established in Cosmos. Our validator nodes will need Timpi tokens, so the moment we create our network we will also create the Timpi tokens.

Being a partner in the Builder Program will also enable us to build relationships with various projects within the ecosystem. We are hoping that these connections will blossom into long-term, mutually supportive relationships.

We are grateful to have such strong support behind Timpi as we develop and prepare to launch our testnet and mainet in the upcoming weeks.

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