Timpi is taking back control of big tech’s unassailable power

Timpi is the first completely decentralized search engine. We deliver unbiased search results. We will never use your personal data. We are powered and governed by people, not tech monopolies.

We are thrilled to bring you the opportunity to further support in our mission to disrupt this monopolized industry. Funds raised will be used to support Timpi’s initial Public Beta launch and enable us to execute on our exponential growth strategy.  

APRIL 2022

Early Funding Round

Raised $800k. Sold out in 11 hours.


JUNE 2023

Private Round:
Existing Round 1 Token Holders

Private round open to existing Token holders – Whitelist application & Invitation only 

JUNE 2023

Private Round:
Existing Community

Private round open to existing Telegram community members – Whitelist application 

TBC 2023

Pre-ICO: WhiteList

Access to WhiteList through community competitions – Closed 1 week before Public ICO 



Public ICO

Public ICO starts on the 14th Aug 2023 


SEPT 2023

Token Generation Event (TGE)

TGE no later than Sept 14th 2023. Timpi Tokens become publicly available to Token holders

Unlike search aggregators that rely heavily on Google and Bing, Timpi has it own bespoke technology for running, growing and maintaining a search engine, allowing us to remain a self-sustaining, independent platform.


MARCH 2022

Development Commenced

Aug 2022

Collector / Guardian - Closed Beta

Timpi’s 1st release of our Collector and Guardians 

Jan 2023

Timpi Search – Private Beta (Collector, Guardian, Geo-Core, TAP)

Community invited to join Beta Programme Flux  

TBC 2023

Layer 1 Blockchain - Invited into Cosmos Builders Programme

Timpi Chain will be built in the Cosmos 

June 2023

Timpi Chain

Timpi enters the Cosmos

July 2023

Public Beta

Timpi Search opened to the public for further quality & latency testing 

See our whitepaper to learn more about issues with old school search engines and how Timpi is primmed to become a world leader in search engine technology.