Apex Social Media Competition

Join us for APEX week by sharing two insightful posts on 'X' that highlight the capabilities of your collector node through the pages it has crawled!

Engage with the community by tagging @Timpi_TheNewWay along with three friends, and get a chance to win an exclusive reward of 1,250 $NTMPI tokens. Make sure to share a screenshot or video capturing your collector node in action.

By the end of the week, we will select five entrants randomly who have met the outlined prerequisites. Additionally, in recognition of the best posts the Timpi Team will choose 3 posts that raise above all to receive 1,875 $NTMPI tokens each.

Step 1 - Follow

Follow @Timpi_TheNewWay

Step 2 - Post Twice During The Week

2a - Share your collector running!

Click the button below and add an image or video of your collector, and tag 3 of your friends. Remember! The best Image/Video wins!

2b - Post your peak perfomance

Post your record, highest peak, most pages recorded, or anything related to the Timpi’s collector node crawling the web.

Don't forget to tag 3 of your friends, and remember, 3 of the best posts get picked for the extra $NTMPI price!

Step 3 - Your Info