Timpi Web Search Release Plan 2023

As we approach the end of 2022, we want to give you an outlook on what will happen in 2023 and our release plan.

During the last couple of months, we have tested our Collector application and the TAP network extensively. We have made huge progress not only in the Collector but also in the entire network. This would not have been possible without the tireless support and help of our Beta Testers. So, a big thanks to you all!

Where do we stand today?

Collector: We’re releasing an updated version of the Collector before the end of this year. This version will now, in addition to the webpage’s text, also send any images that it finds. To reduce the data size, the Collector uses compression for the text and image size. As well as colour depth reduction for images before it sends the data to the GeoCore.

GeoCore: Speaking of the GeoCore, we have completed the TAP network protocol. Which is now fully integrated into the network. The GeoCore is the core application that coordinates communications between Collectors, Guardians, the search webpages and APIs.

TAP: This protocol is developed in-house, and we’re applying for a patent for the TAP. (To find out more about TAP read THIS article)

The Guardian: This node is our storage. We will start giving our testers access to the Guardian software very soon. Our last version did not pass our internal security tests which is why we had to delay the release. However, we have started deploying Guardian instances run by us to begin storing the index for the next phase of our program.

What does all of this mean? It means we are getting ready to launch!

Launch plan 2023

In Progress: Closed beta web search

This phase has started, and we have opened the application for the first beta testers of our web search. If you haven’t signed up, please head to our discord and sign up. Beta testers will have access to the web search in the 2. week of January. This phase will help us fine-tune the algorithm and any additional functions our web search offers. At this point, the web search page does NOT have the final design. Rather a simple white page, mainly used to complete the backend functions.

March 2023: Friend & Family phase

We will show Timpi’s UI/UX to the world. Ok, not quite the world but our friends and family. This gives us vital information about the final design. On top of keeping users’ privacy hidden, we are also delivering a unique and fresh approach in how we show the search results.

April 2023: Community & Partner Beta

Timpi’s community and our partner’s communities get the opportunity to experience Timpi’s search. Not only can they access Timpi, but partners can invite people from their community to join Timpi — A new way to search.

May 2023: Influencers Beta

We invite influencers from around the world to test and talk about Timpi. They can access Timpi and create social media content that will help us reach a larger audience.

June 2023: Private Beta Launch

In this and the previous 2 phases, we will have events and contests that allow anyone to win an invitation to the private launch. Here, many people can see Timpi and experience why we are different.

July 2023: Public Beta Launch

We are open to everyone. While still in Beta, we launch Timpi search and open up to the world. The Beta will continue till the end of 2023, and we aim to exceed Bing’s index size during this time.

Thank you all for your support, and let us know if you have any questions.